“I launched this business to provide my customers an excellent experience whether they are in the process of dreaming, designing, building, remodeling, or cleaning up their property and ultimately, living in a beautiful environment.”

“I give and receive value from the people that we work with everyday. I am fair, honest, and reasonable in my business in order to enrich lives, create lasting relationships, and have a positive impact on us and our communities.” 


If you’re trying to decide between us, your local firm, or a Sacramento firm – Casey has this to say, 

“I know the value of my name and reputation. Will the firm from Sacramento drive up here to help you when you need it?”

“Everyone loves my Dad!”

"In this town, your name is everything, and we go the extra mile every day."

We Love Our Community

Casey Hayman of Crystal Basin Construction is a local General Contractor since 2010. Casey has lived in El Dorado County since the age of 10 and knows the value of hard work, a quality product, and treating everyone like family.  Casey has many years in the construction industry working with firms such as Carter Kelly Construction.

A great friend of his, Thomas F. Liebrich, from Hangtown Hardwood Floors, knew that Casey had the experience and the ethics to have his own business. It was then that Tom encouraged Casey to step out on his own and get his Contractor’s license.

This was the best advice he could have gotten – even though his young family wasn’t too sure about the future. Casey’s experience, attitude, and work ethic has kept his calendar full with customers singing his praises time ever since.

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